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Author:  Aerwin [ Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Guild Policies

• No abuse of any other members within the guild ever. This includes verbal abuse, begging, ninja looting, or just being such a pain or annoyance that folks put you on ignore. Fighting or verbally abusing anyone in guild chat at anytime is grounds for immediate dismissal.

• Any solicitation for money or items in guild chat is strictly prohibited. Offering items for free in guild chat is okay but requests like "Can someone lend me XX gold for _____" is not appropriate for guild chat.

• If you intend to roll on an item that is Bind on Pickup (BoP), please be sure you can use it before you roll. For raid loot, Ensis Dei uses an EPGP system.

• You must be in control of your account, that means that you are the only person who will play your character. Using excuses such as "but that was my brother playing me" for violations of these policies will not be accepted.

• Please keep guild chat and all other public channels on a PG-13 rating. That means refrain from swearing, cursing, etc. and to try to be sensitive to those players whose faith, beliefs, values, ethnicity, etc. might be offended by your statements.

• When Ensis Dei members attend pick-up raid, remember you are representing our guild. Failure to follow our rules including training raids, foul language, abusive behavior, or any other guild rule violation will generally result in your immediate removal from the guild.

• If you are experiencing problems with other members, please discuss it with an officer to make sure that they are aware an issue exists. Officers are there to help resolve issues and can often intervene to resolve the issue.

• Officer decisions are final. There is no debate on this.

• You cannot place an Officer on ignore, nor can you ignore their instructions without due consequence.

• Failure to comply with these rules can result in one of three things, you are given notice to correct the offense, you are demoted in status, or you are de-guilded. We do not take de-guilding folks lightly, however, in certain circumstances it is warranted.

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